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RefurbishedSeth's News

Posted by RefurbishedSeth - 12 days ago

Please, for the love of God, stop poasting in @DoctorStrongbad's topics.

He's a stuckup cunt who made zero of the content seen on his page, yet he has the nerve to call others (including myself) talentless. Hell, this fucker went as far as plagiarizing several threads, including the oldest still active thread on the site. It wasn't a mistake, he literally did a copy and paste of the poasts, with a couple of small edits.

He calls people "cyber bullies" and "trolls" for flaming him about his stat whoring and lack of care for the community.

He's a pretentious bitch who puts on the act of caring about the community, but makes it so blatantly obvious that he only cares about his stats.

When confronted, he vehemently defends his behavior with excuses and outright lies, usually by changing quoted text and typing out passive-aggressive shit-talk poasts to other users (fucking coward).

He refuses to answer to any questions regarding his behavior, because he knows he's wrong and will never admit to it.

He bitches about and insults the moderators, yet 100% expects action from them when the heat is on him from other users.

Worst of all, he's so full of himself (and full of shit) that I cringe when he boasts about what he does (when he does nothing useful for the community).

"Living Legend and Iron Man of Newgrounds." Soooo cringe 🤦🤦🤦

All of this is so sad, to see such a waste. As long as he's been around, he could be a very valuable member of the community. But he chooses to be nothing but a nuisance and a leech on the creativity of others.

Please, do not feed this troll.

By poasting in his threads, you are helping him to pad his poast count, which is literally part of the only thing he truly cares for: his fucking stats.

Thank you for reading this.


Also, stop feeding @Synikal

Feel free to spam him with reactions, though, as that seems to piss him off.

He is Drinze returned. In this thread, he says something that kinda gives away who he really is, on top of his already obvious behavior.

Drinze attempted to "dox" me twice. Both times he was banned into oblivion, along with his alts.

Don't trust this imbecile, he's obviously a troll, and it's hypocritical for him to say anyone is a pedophile when he literally made pedophilic comments on a loli image in the past.

He's just butthurt about all the banning I caused him years ago.


Posted by RefurbishedSeth - 2 weeks ago

I've been getting requests for a new cover of @ParagonX9's Chaoz Fantasy to appear on Skoda Pop: Liquid Crimson.

I'd love to do a cover of this song again (and in fact I've already started working on it), but I feel that it breaks the whole basis of Skoda Pop. While it is extremely popular for a track from Newgrounds, it's not a billboard-charting, mainstream song.

Thoughts, anyone?

Posted by RefurbishedSeth - 1 month ago

First off, this crazy thing

Second, current track list for Skoda Pop: Liquid Crimson at the time of poasting this:

Take On Me (A-ha)

Tell It To My Heart (Taylor Dayne)

Blue (Eiffel 65)

Beautiful (Akon)

I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)

Sweet Child Of Mine (Guns N Roses)

Shine (Collective Soul)

Fireflies (Owl City)

Stereo Love (Edward Maya)

One more thing. If someone could link me to a good MIDI sequence of Video Killed The Radio Star, it would make my life 1,000 times easier.

Edit: I found the MIDI sequence with everything. Yay!

Also, another track for the listing: The Sign (Ace Of Base)


Posted by RefurbishedSeth - December 17th, 2021

4 tracks completed in the past week

Track list so far

01 - Take On Me (A-ha)

02 - Tell It To My Heart (Taylor Dayne)

03 - Blue (Eiffel 65)

04 - Beautiful (Akon)

More on the way. Should be 20 in total.


Posted by RefurbishedSeth - December 16th, 2021

I Want It That Way!


Posted by RefurbishedSeth - December 11th, 2021

That guy I've been talking shit about...

He got taken far away.

And he came all the way back for me. He had nothing to gain from it.

I've been so wrong, and I feel like a piece of shit. Things I saw seemed to point to the wrong conclusions. Things people said were false. I got tunnel-visioned to believing the worst about him.

For reasons I can't explain, he was burnt out. I was burnt out. Life was looking shitty for both of us. It had us at each other for a long time. Neither of us truly realized how much life had burnt us out. We were only tired of each other.

He is once again my brother, and I regret cutting him off and ruining his reputation.

I'm sorry, y'all.


Posted by RefurbishedSeth - December 6th, 2021


Posted by RefurbishedSeth - December 4th, 2021


Then I saw that my fan count has reached 666.

Well played, Clock Crew.


Posted by RefurbishedSeth - December 1st, 2021

All 4 of my YouTube channels now have content!


Posted by RefurbishedSeth - December 1st, 2021

For my next cover (which will poast on my flagship YouTube channel next week), I wanna change pace and cover a slow pop song.

But which one?

I have narrowed it down to two, so here's a poll:


Go ahead and vote; the power is in your hands!